by Danielle M. Maxwell | Category Clothing | Oct 16th, 2012


A common mistake that many upcoming designers make after they have created the perfect designer brand wears is to start marketing it through their social media platforms immediately. Well, if truth be told there is nothing wrong with marketing with your created designers online, at least it creates for you the publicity you may want, but it is not ideal to do this firstly, because of a number of reasons.

One of these reasons is that many designers don’t pay attention to details even after they must have created a good to be sought after designs. The result of this oddity is that the products they have created enter the market but it does not market with the propensity and audacity they desire for it to be sold online.

Hence, how this can be resolved is by creating the perfect marketable design which people would love to purchase. How does one do this? He can do this by innovating and thinking about new ways in which his designs can be promoted online. Details such as how he wants his wears to be viewed, how he wants his creations to reflect his company brand image and style to be seen, and how he wants his brand is to reflect his philosophy.

The clothing branding market today is filled and continues to be dominated by established brand wear designers, who continue to produce the wear which people love and these wears continue to promote their company’s image so, far their designs continues to innovate. The designers who continue to fail in the clothing business are those who don’t learn from the mistake of other designers who have failed to develop marketable wears.

The successful designers all have one thing in common which is that they all have a brand of wear which is attributed to them. Most of these designs which they produce come from mostly designs which promote the lifestyle, an image, a famous quote, historical drawings and many other sources, of which the people in the market want to see. Hence, the successful designers always know what the people need and they produce it in huge number, for sales and amazingly these products do sell quickly.

As a clothing brand designer or as an upcoming brand wear designer, and you want to develop the perfect wears for the market, then you need to adhere to the principles stated in this article. The branding market today is dominated by competition and the perfect sales are only gotten by the designers who knows what his audience love and produces it.

A common misconception that some designers make is that after they have made their branded wears, they advertise it by snapping a picture in an environment of which they believe that it is the conducive environment of which their clothing should be worn. This is not a good idea if you have to promote your designer wears because you are actually telling your viewers what you think about your custom clothing.


You are simply telling them that the clothing would look cooler in an environment

by Danielle M. Maxwell | Category Clothing | Oct 16th, 2012


You are simply telling them that the clothing would look cooler in an environment that looks like yours and not theirs.
A common way in which you can promote your branded wears is by first seeking the consent of either friends or family of what and how they think about your brand wear. You should not fail in asking them in what type of environment do they think the custom wears would fit in and also don’t fail to ask what sort of people do they think would appreciate the wears if it were to enter the market. Acknowledging this type of information would give you a clue of what people want and what they would need your wears for, for their own purposes.

Another thing which some designers fail to do is to make research. Making researches on what type of people and what type of environment which people would like to wear your branded wears is crucial for the successful entry of your brand wears into the competitive market. Identifying the type of environment in which your designs would be appreciated can enable make a many Amazing Tees, which would give you the overwhelming sales you so much desire.

Designing and branding require a lot of creativity and passion to create the perfect design which would be demanded in the competitive market. Some designers who fail to get creative while creating their wears suffer the consequences in the market environment. They have their stocks retained in their warehouses due to a lack of sale. Designing the perfect wears requires you to get creative in your arts and requires you do the extraordinary at times.

One of such ways of doing this is by walking down the street and finding a creative drawing, building, car, scenario and many other works of creative appearances and take a snapshot of the material, to enable you to add color to your design. This is one of the secrets of getting the perfect design because you cannot get all the designs which you want on the internet and sometimes when you do you only end up plagiarizing another designers work and face market consequences.

Getting the perfect materials for the perfect work of art shouldn’t be a problem, especially after you have gotten the perfect design through a stroll in your environment or by looking up the internet for the perfect designs which people would want. After these materials have been gotten then what is required is to put the items together and then you begin to select the desired ones and eliminate the undesired ones.

Creating a mood board is a good way of getting the perfect work of art which can assist you to visualize and put to paper the ideas of design spurring from your passion for a work of art. This is also helpful even after the design has been created in the future of your business because through the use of the mood board then you can reference your former work of arts which you may not have created yet.

These are the perfect advice you need for developing the perfect marketable brand designs. These pieces of advice have the tendency to make you get the perfect customers for your products and enable you to grow your business, despite the continuous growing competition which keeps dominating the clothe branding designer wears business.